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Being A Psychologist and Becoming An Author

Being a psychologist is, I believe, among the most satisfying and rewarding professions.  People typically see me because they are lost, confused or hurt or may need to figure out issues pertinent to their well being.  It is my job to sort through whatever is relevant in their past, connect that to what is at issue in their present, unravel their emotions-making them comprehensible, explore how their thoughts and behavior patterns might be destructive and blend all of these things together so that every person who walks through my door eventually walks out more content.

One might wonder, why, then venture into another occupation, that of becoming an author?  This is actually a relatively simple question to answer.  In the course of providing psychotherapy over a long period of time, trends begin to become apparent.  Many people have similar difficulties in certain stages of life or when confronted with specific events.  Being in a position where help is one-on-one left me to consider ways in which to share some of the insights and information gained in individual therapy sessions with a wider group of people.

In authoring a book, I had to do on a grand scale what I do in every session: take a wealth of information from many people’s lives and experiences, interpret it in the context of trends and insights, weave in practical, objective information and create a work that will resonate with the typical individual.  The challenge is to make every reader feel as though I am speaking directly to them, while appealing to many people.  If the book does not help the reader, I have not accomplished my goal.  In the end, I can say that writing my book, The Fifth Decade  Is It Just My Life or Is It Perimenopause was an enormous undertaking but the feedback from enlightened women makes it all worthwhile.

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