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At The Wagner Center for Psychotherapy, LLC, we understand the challenges people face as they move through life. Our therapists have the education, experience and empathy to provide the highest standard of psychotherapy to our patients. We are deeply committed to helping our patients heal and return to their optimal state of living. We treat people of all ages-from children to seniors- individuals, couples and families. Therapists in our Center often treat different family members and confer to maximize healing. We are committed to serving you to the best of our abilities and hope to have the opportunity to help you through your difficult times.

Dr. Deborah Wagner, a general practice psychologist, specializes in integrating hormonal and psychological issues and has authored the book: The Fifth Decade, Is It Just My Life or Is It Perimenopause? Dr. Wagner treats individuals of all ages, couples and families.

Lana Grintsvayg, LCSW specializes in treating children and also treats adults. She has extensive experience utilizing play and other therapy modalities to bring about successful outcomes in her younger and older patients

Dr. Ralph Dell’Aquila, specializes in treating substance abuse, anger issues and elderly caregiver issues. He treats adolescents and adults. Dr. Dell’Aquila uses both humanistic and cognitive therapies to achieve optimal results in his patients.

Our billing and insurance administrator, Lori, interfaces with your insurance company to manage your insurance needs.  We bill electronically on a daily basis so you can receive you reimbursement as quickly and easily as possible.

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