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Posts by Deborah Wagner

Don’t Let Anxiety Ruin Your Life

The Anti-Anxiety Plan Posted by ThirdAge Staff on October 24, 2012 10:28 PM Simply put, being stressed has become more than an occasional event; it’s a way of life for many of us. Day in and day out, the demands we face use up our time, deplete our energy, and well, stress us out. But…

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Being A Psychologist and Becoming An Author

Being a psychologist is, I believe, among the most satisfying and rewarding professions.  People typically see me because they are lost, confused or hurt or may need to figure out issues pertinent to their well being.  It is my job to sort through whatever is relevant in their past, connect that to what is at…

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Alzheimer’s in My Forties or Perimenopause?

Recently a very bright, well educated woman was sharing pictures of her recent vacation to Italy.  When she got to one picture, she looked confused for a moment and said “this was in Madrid”.  Another woman suggested the scene in the picture looked like Milan.  Greatly flustered, the first woman whined in despair that lately…

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What Your Doctor May Not Know

Are you a woman in your late 30s to early 50s feeling depressed, anxious and generally “not yourself”?  Have you been to your doctor or therapist only to leave frustrated because the reason can’t be pinned down?  Do you sometimes feel fine and hours or days later feel miserable?  There are many hormonal changes interacting…

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